BioTrinity 2013: Company Showcase - Drug Discovery, Development, Platform, Diagnostics, Medtech and more 

View Photos of the Company Showcase from BioTrinity 2011 The BioTrinity 2014 Company Showcase is a unique opportunity to take in corporate/investor presentations from the best companies from Europe's most successful bioclusters and partner with them.  This year we will again feature a hand-selected line-up of the Most Promising Companies over the two days.  

BioTrinity 2013 themes included "Platform Technologies for Discovery and Enabling Technology""Oncology Therapeutics", "Oncology Platforms",  "Inflammation, Immunity and Respiratory", "Anti-infectives" (Anti-bacterials, anti-virals and vaccines), "CNS, Ophthalmology and Pain", "RegenMed", and "Innovative Services" and new for 2013 the "MediTrinity Track" (Medtech including Drug Delivery devices, Diagnostics including Biomarkers, and Medical Imaging).  There was also a "BioMedical Catalyst Winners" track which included companies that had won grants from the UK's TSB.

For the first time, the Companies Presentation was held in three parallel sessions allowing a maximum number of companies to be showcased

Do contact our CEO, or on +44(0)7795 233883 soon if you wish to be considered for one of the presention slots, and do read details of the Selection Process below. 

Wednesday and Thursday, 15-16 May 2013

Day 1, Track A, in Session Room A, Sponsored by Shire, Chaired by Gwen Melincoff, Shire

13:30 - 15:20 Track: CNS, Ophthalmology and Pain
13:30 Shire, David Colpman, Head of Global Business Development (UK)
13:40 Audion Therapeutics, Rolf Jan Rutten, CEO (Netherlands)
13:50 Aniona, Jorgen Drejer, CEO (Denmark)
14:00 Enkam Pharma, Stephen Rees, COO
14:10 NeurocentRx Pharma, Carmel Reilly, Managing Director (UK)
14:20 GeneSignal International S.A., Eric Viaud, CEO (Switzerland)
14:30 GlobalAcorn, Nigel Whittle, Head of Commercial Program Development (UK)
14:40 Akron Molecules GmbH, Henrik Nilsson, CEO (Austria)
14:50 In Silico Genesis, Kimberley Williams, Founder and CSO1 (UK)
15:00 Volition RX (Oncology), Mark Eccleston, External Collaborations Manager, (UK)
15:10 Details to be confirmed

15:20-17:00 Track: RegenMed - Sponsored and Chaired by: Gwen Melincoff, Shire
15:20 Haemostatix, Ben Nichols, CEO
15:30 ReNeuron, Michael Hunt, CEO (UK)
15:40 Progenitor Labs, Yen Choo, CEO/CSO tbc (UK)
15:50 Stemedica Cell Technologies, Riccardo Nisato, Director Manufacturing and Clinical Business Development (Switzerland)
16:00 SurgaColl, Dan Philpott, Founder/Chief Executive Officer and Director (Ireland)
16:10 uniQure BV, Hans Preusting, VP/CBO (Netherlands)
16:20 Recardio GmbH, Roman Schenk, CEO tbc (Austria)
16:30 Lacerta Technologies GmbH, Zsombor Lacza, CEO

Day 1, Track B, in Session Room B

13:30 - 15:20 MediTrinity Track I: Medtech, Medical Imaging, Dx and Biomarkers - Chaired by: Details to be confirmed
13:30 GeneFirst Ltd, Guoliang Fu, Founder/CEO (UK)
13:40 Oval Medical Technologies, Barbara Lead, Board Member (UK)
13:50 ANGLE plc, Andrew Newland, CEO (UK)
14:00 Oxford Cancer Biomarkers, Nick McCooke, CEO (UK)
14:10 Oxford Medical Diagnostics, Ian Campbell, CEO (UK)
14:20 DeNovo Biomarkers Inc., Robert Little, CBO (USA)
14:30 Safeguard Biosystems, Richard Strafehl, Co-Founder & Director (UK)
14:40 biosurfit, João Garcia da Fonseca, CEO (UK)
14:50 Dialog Devices Ltd, Alan Edwards, Chairman (UK)
15:00 Molecular Detection Inc, David Wilson, Vice President, Commercial Operations (US)
15.10 Image Analysis Ltd, Olga Kubassova, CEO (UK)

15:20-17:00 Track: Anti-Infectives (Anti-Bacterials, Anti-Virals and Vaccines) - Chaired by: Sue Staunton, James Cowper
15:20 Discuva Ltd, David Williams, CSO (UK)
15:30 Summit Corporation plc, Richard Pye, Corporate Development and Communication (UK)
15:40 Phico Therapeutics Ltd, Heather Fairhead, CEO (UK)
15:50 Synairgen Research Ltd, Richard Marsden, CEO (UK)
16:00 Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd, Andrew Spragg, CTO (UK)
16:10 Haplogen GmbH, Georg Casari, CEO and Founder (Austria)
16:20 Savira Pharmaceuticals, Oliver Szolar, CEO (Austria)

Day 1, Track C, in Session Room C

13:30 - 15:20 Oncology Track - Chaired by Patrick Baddeley, Manches LLP
13:30 Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd, Esteban Pombo-Villar, COO (UK)
13:40 CytoVac A/S, Martin Jensen, CEO  (Denmark)
13:50 ForMune S.L., Thomas Zürcher, CEO (Spain)
14:00 PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd, Priya Mande, COO (UK)
14:10 F-star, John Haurum, CEO (UK)
14:20 to-BBB technologies BV, Ajay Mistry, Head of Business Development (Netherlands)
14:30 Zestagen SA, Nassos Alevizopoulos, CEO (Switzerland)
14:40 Critical Pharmaceuticals, Gareth King, CEO (UK)
14:50 CELLIPSE, Fabrice Paublant, CEO (France)
15:00 Cell Medica, Gregg Sando, Chief Executive (UK)
15:10 Lipopharma Therapeutics, Vicenc Tur, CEO (Spain)

15:20-16:10 Track: Oncology Platform - Chaired by: Details to be confirmed
15:20 NuCana BioMed Ltd, Hugh Griffith, CEO (UK)
15:30 Xenetic Biosciences, Scott Maguire, CEO (UK)
15:40 PhotoBiotics Ltd, Mahendra Deonarain, CSO (UK)
15:50 TriMod Therapeutics, Jeremy Skillington, CEO (Ireland)
16:00 MiNA Therapeutics, Robert Habib, CEO (UK)

16:10 - 17:00 MediTrinity Track II: Medtech, Medical Imaging, Dx and Biomarkers - Chaired by Kelly Morton, SRG
16:10  Emerge Biotech, Peter Kloehn, Founder CEO (UK)
16:20 Glysure, Chris Jones, CEO (UK)
16:30 Congenica Nick Lench, COO
16:40 OxSonics, Colin Story, CEO (UK)
16:50 FoetoH, Michelle Fernandes, Co-Founder (UK)

Day 2, Track A, in Session Room A

13:50-15:00 Track: Biomedical Catalyst Winners - Chaired by: Helen Kulman, TSB
13:50 Absynth Biologics, Fiona Marston, CEO (UK)
14:00 Prosonix Ltd, David Hipkiss, CEO (UK)
14:10 Glide Pharma, Mark Carnegie-Brown, CEO (UK)
14:20 Domainex Ltd, Edward Littler, CEO (UK)
14:30 Arecor, Sarah Howell, CEO (UK)
14:40 BioMoti, Davidson Ateh, CEO (UK)
14:50 Mapmyhealth, Jonathan Rachman, CEO (UK)

15:00-15:40 Track: Other including Genetic Disease, Rare Disease, Metabolic Disease - Chaired by Kathryn Moon, Oval Insurance Broking
15:00 PGXIS Ltd, Alun McCarthy, CEO (UK)
15:10 CHORD Therapeutics, Arthur Roach, Founder (Switzerland)
15:20 Xiber Science GmbH, Sonja Reingruber, CEO tbc (Austria)

Day 2, Track B, in Session Room B, Sponsored and Chaired by Rob Pinnock, MSD

13:50 - 15:50 Track: Platform Technologies for Discovery and Enabling Technology
13:50 Nuevolution A/S, Alex Gouliaev, CEO (Denmark)
14:00 Crescendo Biologics, Matthew Roe, CBO (UK)
14:10 Cyclofluidic, Elizabeth Farrant, CBO (UK)
14:20 NBE-Therapeutics, Ulf Grawunder, CEO (Switzerland)
14:30 OriBase Pharma, Aziz Yasri, CEO (France)
14:40 Fibromed, David Ricketts, CEO (UK)
14:50 PolyTherics, Sally Waterman, COO (UK)
15:00 Elasmogen, Caroline Barelle, Research Director, Shark VNAR Development (UK)
15:10 Integrated Magnetic Systems, Eddie Blair, CEO (UK)
15:20 Mitopharm, Hans Fliri, Chariman/CEO (UK)
15:30 Synpromics, Michael Roberts, Chief Executive

Day 2, Track C, in Session Room C

13:50-15:20 Inflammation, Immunity and Respiratory - Chaired by: Peter Silcock, J A Kemp
13:50 Karus Therapeutics Ltd, Simon Kerry, CEO (UK)
14:00 Covagen AG have moved to this slot from 15:00
14:10 Creabilis, Eliot Forster, CEO (UK)
14:20 Avexxin, Mikael Ørum, President & CEO (Norway)
14:30 Meng Pharma/inoxia, Paul Meng, Senior Consultant to Inoxia and CEO of Dr Meng Pharma GmbH
14:40 Peptinnovate, Andrew Lightfoot, CEO (UK)
14:50 Arachos Pharma, Richard Knowles, CEO (UK)
15:00 Immune Targeting Systems, Dr. Chen, Benjamin, CEO

Overview of the Company Showcase 2013

The majority of companies are hand-selected by the OBN Advisory Board, our Management Team, the OBN Investor and/or BD&L Advisory Groups or by recommendations by trusted affiliates including investors, pharma execs, our members and leaders in partner clusters.  Selection considers fundraising or revenue streams, newsflow, USP, deal-making, innovation, and IP. The focus is on drug discovery and development, diagnostics and medical technology. The format of the presentations is an 8 minute presentation, including Q&A.

Selection Process

Life science companies seeking to do deals with pharma, raise investment or raise their profiles at Europe's 3rd largest annual biopartnering conference are invited to apply for an 8-minute presentation at BioTrinity 2013.  Therapeutics developers, platform technologies, as well as diagnostics and medtech (especially in areas convergent with therapeutics) companies are invited to apply. 

We are accepting applications for the following tracks within the Companies Showcase: Oncology, Oncology Platform, Discovery Platform, Inflammation and Immunity, Anti-infectives (Anti-bacterials, anti-virals and vaccines), Cardiovascular, CNS, Metabolic Disease, RegenMed , Drug Delivery, Other Therapeutics, Molecular technology and Innovative Service and new for 2013 the MediTrinity Track: Medtech, Biomarkers, Dx, Medical Imaging.

Consideration is given to all applications, with particular interest given to companies who have made significant progress recently for example with development, other milestones, fundraising, trials or deal-making success, efficient use of funding, and preference is given to presentations of earlier stage and unpartnered assets, and companies which have been trading for less than 7 years based in the UK and Europe.  Consideration is given to all applications.

An informed decision will be made based upon information supplied by companies, business intelligence, potentially with reference to the expert knowledge of members of the OBN Advisory Board and members our Advisory Groups. As with other delegates, speakers from selected companies must complete a paid registration to be admitted and benefit from partnering at BioTrinity 2013.  A presentation fee of up to £500 may apply, which may be waived or reduced depending on membership, fundraising history and company stage.

Please contact our CEO Jon Rees on +44(0)7795 2338883 or +44 (0)845 5245 722 to discuss and apply for a presentation slot.

Companies who are not selected to present are encouraged to participate in the one-to-one partnering elements of the meeting for the purposes of business development.

Criteria for Selection

  • Consideration will be given to company's USP, or the USP of their leading product, the route-to-market, exit route and milestones.
  • Consideration is given to revenue streams or demonstrated fund-raising ability, and proximity to market
  • Efficient use of funding
  • Recent deal-making success
  • Innovation in product or business strategy
  • Preference is given to companies based in Europe or partner clusters in the US
  • Preference is given to companies which have been trading for less than 7 years
  • Intellectual property to meet business strategy

BioTrinity 2014 highlights
1,014 delegates from 32 countries
624 companies
184 speakers
107 company showcase presentations
2,462 one-to-one meetings
130+ investor delegates from 12 countries
61 exhibitors
86 global pharma/medtech delegates
33 corporate venture delegates