Private Partnering at BioTrinity

Pre-registered delegates were able to log in to access the interactive Partnering system for BioTrinity 2014 from this page following receipt of their registration acceptance email.

BioTrinity offers a structured partnering system that allows you to plan with whom to meet, allowing you to meet new contacts and build relationships outside of your immediate range. 

All partnering meetings are held in private at BioTrinity

At BioTrinity, all of your one-to-one partnering meetings will be held in private rooms and booths, not on open tables.  They will be scheduled into a number of locations (booths or rooms) or your company can upgrade to a single large dedicated partnering room.  For details please contact / +44 (0) 845 5049 719.

The following information gives you an idea of the partnering available.

If you are new to partnering, why not read How to Partner to find out more, or watch EBD Group's helpful tutorial videos on using the partneringOne system itself.

You can hire a dedicated partnering room for all your partnering meetings at BioTrinity

One-to-one Partnering took place in private partnering rooms or booths on:

12 May 2014: 18:30 hrs - 20:30 hrs 
13 May 2013: 08:00 hrs - 18:30 hrs
14 May 2013: 08:00 hrs - 16:30 hrs

Important dates to remember:

18 March 2014:

Partnering opened for one-to-one meeting requests.

5 May 2014:

Deadline for meeting requests before first round of scheduling.

12 May 2014:

Partnering locations announced and available from the Partnering Help Desk.

12 - 14 May 2014:

On-site partnering meetings took place.

For questions relating to your scheduled meetings or company profile: Contact the Partnering Desk


Partnering One

BioTrinity 2013 highlights
877 delegates from 28 countries
520 companies
168 speakers
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1679 scheduled one-to-one meetings
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