BioTrinity Testimonials 2010

All testimonials are reproduced with kind permission from their authors, and were comments received in the days following this outstanding conference. Over 100 testimonials were received after BioTrinity 2010, for which we are very grateful, just a few of these are listed below:

“I attended BioTrinity 2010, and I am very pleased to return this year to present at BioTrinity 2011 having raised investment from Morningside following our meeting at the conference. BioTrinity is the number one investment conference.”, Michael McArthur, CSO, Procarta Biosystems

“I presented at BioTrinity 2009, and was delighted to return this year to BioTrinity 2010 having raised a significant investment from TRI Inc following our initial one-to-one meeting at the conference. BioTrinity is the number one conference for fundraising”, Eddy Littler, CEO, Domainex

"BioTrinity has been the most productive partnering meeting I have attended for some time.", Mark Warne, Partnership Director, IP Group

"Best UK partnering meeting", Jansen Jacob, Analyst, PharmaVentures

"Event has matured fast into a national event from its strong regional roots. Strong investor, corporate partner and finance presence adds a lot ... Out of London location is refreshing and makes the event more intense" John Savin, Edison Investment Research

"The partnering system was excellent. Coupled to the ability to meet senior BD&L and M&A people from Big Pharma, this event was an unprecedented success for Prosonix.", David Hipkiss, CEO, Prosonix

"The conference beat back the current down beat climate to present high calibre attendance from small biotech through to large pharma with a high quality of investor representation from across the board and globe." Mark Payton, Fund Principal, Mercia Fund Management

"BioTrinity is an interesting and eclectic mix of investors, biotechs ... enabling productive and informal discussions between parties ... The best event I have been to this year, and I will definitely be going again." G Clark, Diamond Pharma Services

"BioTrinity has come of age as a major partnering event. There also appear to be more investors in attendance than at competing events", Simon Haworth, IPSO Ventures

"The meeting is a barometer of the state of current UK biotech health and future prognosis.", Emma Mickley, R5 Pharmaceuticals

"I am not aware of another conference or meeting that promotes and facilitates, as well, interactions between the Biotech and Pharma industries, academia and funders." Dr Geoff Boxer, UCL Cancer Institute

"As usual, I found BioTrinity 2010 to be an extremely useful conference. I was able to meet with existing clients and have many promising leads to follow up in the coming weeks/months. Each year, BioTrinity gets bigger and better." Mark Sweetinburgh, Patent Attorney, Fry Heath Spence

"BioTrinity has now become the premier biotech partnering and investor conference in the UK. Well done and good venue" Bruce Savage, Highbury

"BioTrinity 2010 was by far the most effective and best organised event of its type that I have attended. We now have the opportunity to develop several startegic partnership relationships that it would otherwise have taken us months to initiate.", Paul Davie, Inhibox

"BioTrinity is now the "must attend" conference for partnering in the UK. Each year it goes from strength to strength. How long before it grows so much there is no venue in the Thames Valley to accomodate it?" Mike Wort, MD, De Facto

"Very good opportunity to meet and have introductory discussions with a number of companies who would otherwise be very difficult for a small Biotech to have access to.", Vic Laville, CFO, IQur

"I have attended BioTrinity for many years now and it continues to grow and increase in importance year on year.", Tony Harrison, BITECIC

"My second BioTrinity was as good as the first ... I look forward to next year's event." Kaasim Mahmood, Principal, Advent Venture Partners

"In two days, I'd created enough leads to keep my consulting business going for a year" Martin Comberbach, Comberbach Consulting

You can also read a further 80 positive testimonials from the past years BioTrinity 2009 and BioTrinity 2008.

BioTrinity 2014 highlights
1,014 delegates from 32 countries
624 companies
184 speakers
107 company showcase presentations
2,462 one-to-one meetings
130+ investor delegates from 12 countries
61 exhibitors
86 global pharma/medtech delegates
33 corporate venture delegates