BioTrinity Testimonials

We are grateful for testimonial support from pharma, investors as well as public and private biotech and medtech R&D companies from Europe, North America and Asia. All testimonials are reproduced with kind permission from their authors, and were comments received in the days and weeks following these outstanding conferences. Several hundred testimonials have been received during the first seven years of BioTrinity, for which we are very grateful, and a selection of these are listed below:

Ken Shimokawa, Senior Investment Director, Astellas Venture Management LLC "Great people, Great opportunity."

David Colpman, Head of Global Business Development, Shire "Following a meeting at BioTrinity with a company we hadn't seen elsewhere, Shire are pleased to have entered due diligence with a view to a transaction. The BD team will be back again next year in active deal-making mode at what is by far the most productive partnering conference in the UK."   

John Beadle, CEO, PsiOxus Therapeutics  "In raising our £22m Series B financing we met with both of our new investors, SR One and Lundbeckfond Ventures, at BioTrinity. We met with one of these new investors for the first time in a one-to-one partnering meeting at BioTrinity 2011. Then at BioTrinity 2012 we met with both of the new investors to agree the final terms. I can recommend BioTrinity as a key conference for a CEO fundraising in the life science sector."

Chris Hollowood, Partner, Syncona Partners "For me there is no one conference in the calendar that gets as many UK centric companies and investors in one place at one time. " 

David Hipkiss, CEO, Prosonix “A meeting at BioTrinity 2012 has led to Prosonix establishing a relationship with what will probably be one of our most important partners in the emerging markets for our respiratory product portfolio” 

Richard Goodfellow, CEO, Scancell Holdings plc "BioTrinity is now the most useful networking event in the UK. It is now the meeting of choice for UK Biotech."

Chris Jones, Glysure "The meeting is vibrant and growing. Every year there are new partners, investors and collaborators to meet."

Niall McAlister, Partner, Edwards Wildman Palmer UK LLP "I have attended BioTrinity for a number of years because it is the best UK networking event. I think the current format and venue are excellent."

Louis Nisbet, Venture Partner, KLS-Partners "Great mix of companies and investors. Will return next year."

Chris Bullion, Commercial Services Consultant, AbD Serotec "This was my first time at BioTrinity, and I wish I'd come before! The clients I met were of high quality, and I have gained some very positive opportunities for future partnerships.

Alan Warrander, Consultant/CEO, Warrander Consulting "Excellent opportunity to meet very wide range of potential investors over the two days."

Ena Viera, Head of UK Operations, Berkley Pharmaceutical "The event was hugely successful for our business as it allowed us to build some fantastic networks and initiated the start of some potentially successful partnerships with some of the industry's top players."

Paul Davie, Chief Executive Officer, InhibOx "BioTrinity is easily the most cost-effective partnering meeting of its type. Definitely well worthwhile."

Joanne McCudden, Head of Business Development, Domainex "Biotrinity is an excellent partnering conference, with a different attendee set than its competitors. It is getting increasingly international, which is of huge value to Domainex."

Stephen Arnott, Managing Director, Quy Biosciences (Vetcell) "An excellent networking event with good opportunities to meet potential funders and licensees."

Bradley Theobald, Principal, Theobald Associates "BioTrinity has built up the "gravitational pull" to bring together the requisite diversity of companies, funders, advisers to allow genuine and meaningful business and networking to take place."

Dave Roberts, Business Development Director, Radiochemistry, Selcia "BioTrinity provides the perfect opportunity to network with both phama and biotechs in a relaxed atmosphere"

Hamish Cameron, Venture Partner, SV Life Sciences "A well-organised meeting facilitating a number of important 1:1 meetings alongside informal contact with colleagues, old and new."

Joe Smart, Relationship Director, SVB Global "BioTrinity provides an excellent opportunity to meet a strong group of innovative companies along with a mix of high quality investors."

Karen Jervis, Commercial Director and COO, BigDNA "An excellent mix of top level executives from the corporate and investment sectors, with ample opportunity to network."

You can also read many many further positive testimonials from previous editions at BioTrinity 2014BioTrinity 2012BioTrinity 2011, BioTrinity 2010, BioTrinity 2009 and BioTrinity 2008.  Do email us if you have a testimonial which you'd like to submit for our consideration, we are always delighted to hear from our delegates and members.

BioTrinity 2014 highlights
1,014 delegates from 32 countries
624 companies
184 speakers
107 company showcase presentations
2,462 one-to-one meetings
130+ investor delegates from 12 countries
61 exhibitors
86 global pharma/medtech delegates
33 corporate venture delegates