What is Partnering?

Partnering at partnering conferences refers to the practice of organising face-to-face meetings between two companies, at a specified time and in a specified location. BioTrinity is unusual in using private rooms for each meeting. Partnering also used to mean a joint venture involving two or more businesses, working together for mutual benefit, rather than as buyers or sellers of services.

Video tutorials are available to explain how to organise your partnering at BioTrinity Video tutorials can be viewed at http://www.partneringone.com/help/tutorials_pub.php?event_id=199#

Contact the Partnering Deskfor support in using the partnering system.

The purpose and practicality of partnering

Partnering meetings are often arranged many weeks in advance, and the most attractive companies' available meeting slots at partnering conferences are often filled up a long time in advance so timing is crucial.

The most successful participants engaging in partnering are proactive businesses who prepare thoroughly for private meetings with potential business partners before attending the conference. These proactive businesses invest time and energy to identify target companies which they believe their companies might benefit from meeting face-to-face. Proactive companies also use partnering meetings as a platform to renew contact and strengthen their relationships with existing clients or business partners.

Once delegates have registered for BioTrinity 2014 they can submit a detailed company profile and also read other company profiles in order to research partnering opportunities with companies attending BioTrinity. The purpose is to find the most appropriate business partners, alliances, customers, suppliers, and even investors. A partnering meeting is an intense opportunity to get to know other companies, and should be prepared for in depth.

Six weeks prior to BioTrinity, registered delegates can use the web-based partnering system to request private meetings with their target company, which once agreed by the target company delegate, leads to the booking of a meeting location for a 25 minute meeting within a 30 minute time slot for each such confirmed one-to-one meeting. The system is partially automated, but there are dedicated support staff working behind the scenes to ensure as many meetings take place as possible.

The partnering system we use at BioTrinity is provided as a service to our delegates by EBD Group, who also manage partnering at BIO-Europe - we believe EBD offers the global gold-standard service for partnering meetings.

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BioTrinity 2014 highlights
1,014 delegates from 32 countries
624 companies
184 speakers
107 company showcase presentations
2,462 one-to-one meetings
130+ investor delegates from 12 countries
61 exhibitors
86 global pharma/medtech delegates
33 corporate venture delegates