Workshops at BioTrinity 2015

This years interactive workshops offer the very latest in industry needs and advice. Workshops are free to attend for pre-registered delegates. You can sign up for workshops online and in advance via the online partnering system's Agenda Planner which is available to all registrants, to reserve their places once partnering goes live.

Outline programme:

Tuesday 12 May 2015 | 13:35 - 17:25

Hosts include:
Catalent Pharma Solutions
NIGH Clinical Research Network
Oxford AHSN

Wednesday 13 May 2015 | 13:35 - 15:25

Hosts include:
Arthur J Gallagher
Innovate UK

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See what happened at BioTrinity 2014

8 workshops took place at BioTrinity 2014. The workshops were more like roundtable discussions than seminars, and as organisers we ensured that they were interactive. Participation in workshops was included in the conference registration fee, however as spaces are limited, pre-registered delegates were advised to sign up for workshops online and in advance via the online partnering system's Agenda Planner which is available to all registrants, to reserve their places. Workshops were held over both full days of the conference, 13 – 14 May.

Workshops Day 1: Tuesday, 13th May 2014 - B1 Pouilly

13.35 - 14.25 Intro to Non-Dilutive Funding for BioPharma 
Hosted by John Clerici, Principal, Tiber Creek Partners LLC
Abstract: Tiber Creek Partners LLC will explore the various aspects of non-dilutive funding, including government funding as well as funding from non-governmental entities. The Workshop will focus on the keys to success, the potential risks, and the best way to manage the process of pursuing and maintaining such funding most effectively. The team brings with it extensive experience of assisting companies in identifying and obtaining over $4 billion in non-dilutive funding in the life sciences sector.

14.35 - 15.25 Building Inward Investment Partnerships for the Future
Hosted by Nigel Keen, Chairman, Oxford AHSN
Abstract: An important contributor to the Wealth Creation agenda of the Oxford AHSN is through the development of inward investment opportunities within the region. This requires new, strategic thinking around partnering between the NHS, universities, industry, Local Enterprise Partnerships and investors. This workshop will explore some of these new approaches to partnering and showcase examples of innovative investment to help secure infrastructure (e.g. the Oxford Bioescalator), corporate and R&D partnerships.

The Workshop will be chaired by Nigel Keen, Chairman of the Oxford AHSN and the Panel will include Dr Nick Edwards, local entrepreneur and angel investor, Mr Neil Gibson, Strategic Director, Buckinghamshire County Council, Mr Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive, Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Dr David Gillham, Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Dr Paul Durrands, Chief Operating Officer, Oxford AHSN and Dr Nick Scott-Ram, Director of Commercial Development, Oxford AHSN.

15.35 - 16.25 A King's Ransom for the Crown Jewels: How to get a good deal when licensing IP rights
Hosted by Alison Dennis, Partner and Beatriz San Martin, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Abstract: This workshop will cover topics including:

  • Defining the subject matter of the licence: how to achieve clarity to preserve your future business
  • Financial provisions: clever tricks in financial provisions: what to watch for
  • Warranties and indemnities: the necessary vs. the superfluous
  • Termination provisions: what should the triggers be for termination and what the consequences of termination be?

16.35 - 17:25 Innovations in e-Health and Medical Devices Over The Next 5 Years; Do We Agree?
Hosted by Jeff James, Head of Life Sciences UK, Altran
Abstract: The health problems facing the predominantly ‘Western’ world are similar across the board. It is well documented that both private and public healthcare will be challenged by aging populations, coupled with increasing healthcare costs and increased prevalence of chronic diseases. We all, as innovators, have been challenged to find solutions to these problems and this discussion focusses on the potential impact of solutions delivered by medical devices and e-health.
What are the emerging trends in e-health, and what are benefits / challenges associated with these approaches? What are the opportunities, what is needed to bring these opportunities to life, and how will they benefit not only the patient but also the developer/investor?
This discussion will include real-life examples, while inviting the audience to share their experience also, on where we are now and where we will be in the next 5 years, regarding e-health and medical devices.                                                

Workshops Day 2: Wednesday, 14th May 2014 - B1 Pouilly

13.35 - 14.25 Infectious Disease Interventions: Public Private Partnership Opportunities
Hosted by Miles Carroll, Deputy Director, Head of Research, Public Health England
Abstract: Although infectious diseases appear to be of lesser importance perhaps than other human diseases, the continual surveillance work conducted by organisations such as PHE are a vital resource for the UK infrastructure, as the recent example with outbreaks of Measles in Wales (& elsewhere) illustrates. This session will, therefore, explore the value of public-private partnerships (PPP) in the translation of research from academic and government institutes, through the pipeline and into development and ultimately commercialisation. The session will use a number of case studies to illustrate the variety of models used by academia, industry, spin-out companies and public sector research establishments (PSRE's) to expedite interventions against infectious diseases towards licensure.

14.35 - 15.25 How robust is Your IP Position?: "Identifying, Mitigating and Transfering IP Risks"
Hosted by Lee Chapman, Partner, J A Kemp and Kathryn Moon, Life Science Risk and Insurance Specialist, Oval Insurance Broking Limited
Abstract: Representatives from J A Kemp, a leading firm of UK and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, and Oval, Specialist Life Science Insurance Brokers, will discuss a case study involving the common pitfalls in Intellectual Property (IP) litigation. The case study will focus on a fictitious Medtech company which sells Medtech devices and related software. The company also has interests in obtaining investment and managing university and overseas partners. The representatives from J A Kemp will discuss how to identify possible risks in an early stage IP portfolio, including patents, trademarks and design rights, and how to mitigate those risk using an improved IP strategy. A representative from Oval will discuss how to transfer the IP litigation risk to the insurance market and a Patent Legal Expenses Underwriter will discuss how patent legal expenses insurance protection responds to IP litigation.


Workshops Day 2: Wednesday, 14th May 2014 - B4 Beaujolais

13.35 - 14.25 EEN Services on Finance and Funding
Hosted by Chris Farmakis, Enterprise Europe Network
Abstract: 1. Funding opportunities under H2020
  • Co-operation Programme
  • SME Instrument
2. EEN support for Capital Requirements
  • Grants/Subsidies for the Biotech Sector
  • Equity Investments
  • Raising Capital Through Listing (mainly focusing on NASDAQ, whom we have an excellent relationship with and we would like to promote them; relevant to a select few companies as you can understand but nevertheless important to have)
3. EEN Support in Corporate Growth
  • Partnerships for distribution, licensing
  • Regulatory compliance support

14.35 - 15.25 Why Should I Partner with Animal Health? Hosted by Michelle L Haven, Senior Vice President and Theo Kanellos, Director, Strategic Alliances, Zoetis
Abstract: The health of people and animals are inextricably linked, and the animal health industry plays a critical role in protecting animal and human health Technologies that target control of infectious diseases, or that support the prediction or enhancement of feed efficiency in livestock would be highly valuable to the animal health industry. Zoetis Inc., the leading animal health company with annual revenues of $4.6 billion in 2013, discovers, develops, manufactures and markets animal medicines and vaccines which are complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests, and supported by a range of relevant services. Zoetis is eager to develop impactful alliances that will provide value to new discoveries either in the human or animal health fields. We believe human and veterinary medicine have much to gain by sharing scientific insights for preventing and treating animal and human diseases. Zoetis insights can help inform and accelerate R&D in these sectors. Relative to human health drug development, animal health generally provides faster and less costly proof of efficacy in target animal studies. These studies in animal patients could also inform and give confidence for subsequent human clinical studies. Finally, in animal health the customers are directly accessible.

In this workshop senior representatives of Zoetis will elaborate on the opportunities and challenges that are currently present in animal health and the benefits of partnering with Animal Health to advance research and develop novel diagnostics, vaccines, and medicines.

BioTrinity 2014 highlights
1,014 delegates from 32 countries
624 companies
184 speakers
107 company showcase presentations
2,462 one-to-one meetings
130+ investor delegates from 12 countries
61 exhibitors
86 global pharma/medtech delegates
33 corporate venture delegates